We brand + design + develop Software as a Service, Web, Flash, E-Learning, E-Commerce, Intranets, Productivity Software, Ads, 3D, Audio, Video.
There is nothing digital that we cannot do.
That's why we’re called Limitless.

EcoInnovation, our client for the past 10 years, has been running the web storefront that we built for them for 5 years now.  It has done tidy business, but with the surge in Mobile access to the web, changing taste in design, and new understanding of usability, it was feeling very dated.  It wasn't up to the job of modern E-Commerce.

It was time for a Limitless Resources Web Refresh.  Inspired by the very cool Windows 8 grid concept, we completely redesigned the site.  It is now faster, slicker looking, and much easier to navigate.  We oversaw the upgrade of the ASPDotNetStorefront backend, and did all the necessary customization and configuration.  Then we trained the EcoInnovation staff to maintain the content, which they are in the process of tidying up now

We also customized a completely parallel Mobile site using the same product catalog so that mobile customers could easily access the store.

Sales are rolling in, and we have a happy client because he has happy customers.