We have developed systems and interfaces for remote monitoring of sensors, content-managed e-learning interactives, back office, etc
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Collaboration between multiple companies and government agencies can be complicated at best. Autex Industries makes environmentally friendly insulation products right here in New Zealand. They have a fantastic product, a good team, and a great reputation. They wanted to take advantage of EECA's Energywise subsidy, and make it really easy for customers. When The Warehouse and Bunnings signed on to help bring this to market, they knew that they would need to be ready for a flood of enquiries. But the requirements around the subsidy approval are complex, and a lot of information has to be captured, double-checked, audited, and reported on. Hire-a-Hubby Installers needed notification even when they were not sitting at their PC (most of the time!), and Customer Service Reps needed timely information and fast, easy-to-navigate tools.

We built a front-end system that could be branded for any retailer, a back-end system to facilitate Customer Service, reporting, and auditing, secure role-based notifications and permissions, and SMS messages for key personnel so that they would know when they had to get to a client location or back to the office.


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