We have developed systems and interfaces for remote monitoring of sensors, content-managed e-learning interactives, back office, etc
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EcoSolar is at the forefront of renewable energy in New Zealand, with a parallel consultancy in Energy Conscious Design. They are experts in Solar Thermal planning and installation, and work with EECA, DoC, and other government agencies, private companies, and individual homeowners. But in this ever-growing market, competition is becoming fierce, and they needed to leverage technology for a competitive advantage. They were already importing monitoring devices which were capable of broadcasting what sensors were doing, but the interface was not compelling, updates had to be done manually with a page refresh on the browser, and there was no central record or backup of data.

They called Limitless Resources and immediately we were excited. Automation and monitoring is cool technology, and we dove right in. With a combination of 3D rendering and animation, we told a story without words. With some ingenious coding we made the devices do what the manufacturer said they could not. Then we tied it all together with a customized CMS, so that they could manage their own photos and text that appear when the user hovers their mouse over the components.  We also gave them the ability to configure security permissions to allow for publicly or privately monitored installations, and much much more. They could not be happier with SPLASH monitoring, and the competition is scrambling to catch up.


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